The Eucharist is the center of our parish life. We are committed to worship God through the Liturgy.  We want to welcome people with genuine hospitality. We help people of different languages to worship in their own language, but around the altar we are one parish family regardless of race, language or national origin. We understand the sacred role of the priest as leader of the Mass, and we pray daily in the Rogationist Spirit that we will never be deprived of this blessing.

It is for us a great honor to be a living part of the Sunday Eucharist.  We are grateful to all those who are committed to the Ministry of Worship and invite and encourage all parishioners to offer their time and talents to this ministry. We take special care of the sick and shut-ins by bringing to them the consolation of our Savior in Holy Communion. We pray daily for those who have died knowing that our bond through Christ has not been broken.

We are committed to other forms of worship of God and devotions to the Virgin Mary and all the Saints through Prayer Groups, Novenas, Rosaries and Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament.  We understand that the public worship of God is completed by our private devotions and prayer life.



The sharing of our faith is a priority of our Christian Life.  We are committed to this ministry.   We are grateful to all people who offer their time and talents to bring our faith to others.  Our Catholic School is a special way to transmit our faith and to prepare leaders for the future.  We understand that we cannot replace the parents as the primary teachers of their children and the family as the privileged place where faith is nourished and grows. We consider the family as the nucleus of the Church and encourage family programs and activities. Wounded and broken families and alienated Catholics are foremost in our efforts and prayers.

We respect and love or separated brothers and sisters.  We pray that one day we may all be one in Christ, but we are saddened by those who distort the truths of our faith and break families to proselytize.

Our teaching, in union with our Bishop, is always in agreement with the Holy Father, our Pope, mindful of the mission entrusted to him by Jesus “to confirm our faith.”



Service to others will show that our faith is alive.  We are therefore committed to imitate Jesus who came to serve and not to be served by serving one another.  We serve people in need of food, clothing and other material assistance. We also provide spiritual counseling and emotional support. We remember the Catholic (= Universal) dimension of our service and support missionary activities and programs throughout the world. Since our service is most effective when we join in small groups we encourage people to join the different societies of the Church:

Buildings are a necessity for all ministries of the Church: we are committed to financially support their upkeep and improvement and to increase the space to serve the needs of our growing community.  We commit our time, our talents and our treasure to the ministries of the parish, grateful to return to God all that he has given us.