It is our joy to welcome you and to be part of your lives as you prepare for this Sacrament of loving commitment. To help facilitate your preparation, we have prepared this information for you.


  • Both parties must be registered members of St. Elisabeth Church.
  • We assume that the party/parties are practicing Catholics involved in parish life.
  • Must contact the Parish Center at least 6 months of the desired date of marriage in advanced to make an appointment with a Priest.


  • $500.00 (Ceremony Donation) to be paid at the Parish Center no later than a month before the desired date.
  • $50.00 (non-refundable) which must be paid at the time of date of reservation.
  • $50.00 (rehearsal donation) to be paid to the wedding coordinator at the time of the rehearsal.

Music for the Ceremony

  • Must be coordinated with our Parish Center (request our approval if you want to provide your own)
  • St Elisabeth approved musician can be contacted at the Parish Center
  • Music Fees are to be coordinated with musician 

Documentation Only

  • $50.00 (non refundable) donation is requested from couples not getting married at St. Elisabeth Parish who want us to process their paperwork.

Previous Marriages

  • If one of the parties was previously married (outside the Church), a special appointment with one of our priest is necessary before wedding arrangements can begin