May Festival – Thank You!

We want to express our great appreciation for your participation in making our May Festival a wonderful three day community experience and successful parish fund-raiser. We thank and recognize all the volunteers who gave countless hours of work and service.


Queremos expresar nuestro gran aprecio por su participación en el Festival de Mayo. Fue una maravillosa experiencia comunitaria de tres días y un evento exitoso para recaudar fondos. Agradecemos y reconocemos a todos los voluntarios que dieron innumerables horas de trabajo y servicio.


A Giving Opportunity for St. Elisabeth Alumni and Friends

We are on the lookout for St. Elisabeth alumni, friends and prospective community members to offer them this great opportunity for partnership.

We envision St. Elisabeth graduates as SUCCESSFUL CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN LEADERS of tomorrow. The amount you give will ensure St. Elisabeth’s educational presence in years to come while spreading your generous helping legacy.

The National Catholic Educators Association is conducting a 24 hour National Giving Day. The donation is collected on one site; however, it is particular to each catholic school, meaning that a donation for St. Elisabeth School is forwarded to St. Elisabeth and nowhere else. The only fee deducted is the credit card fee.

When: The Day of Giving is a 24 hour period beginning on January 30th at 6:00 am, and lasting until January 31st at 6:00 am. Once this time frame has passed, donors will see a notice that the NCEA National Day of Giving has ended and they will not be able to submit any donations.

Donation Page Link:

St. Elisabeth Elementary School

This link is specific to St. Elisabeth School and will be the link to make a donation for the NCEA Day of Giving. Another way that a donor may donate is by finding St. Elisabeth School by visiting and selecting St. Elisabeth School from the provided list.