In the spirit of preparing for the

Christmas Season, we invite you to
order a Poinsettia Plant. Your plant
will be adorned with the name of
your loved one. This gesture will
beautify our Church, but more
importantly bring those we wish to remember among us
as we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Each Poinsettia is $10.00
which includes six Mass offerings on December 26,
27, 28. We have the forms in the Parish Center office
or the Baptistry Bookshop. Information: 779-1756 ext.


St. Elisabeth school outdoor Christmas Boutique Bazaar

When: December 9, 10
Where: Small Parking Lot
Time: 7:00am to 5:00pm. If you are interested in renting
a space. We have forms in the Parish Center office
or call the School office at 779-1766.


Serv center

Serv center is closed. It will Reopen on Tuesday, December 5.